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Our most valuable assets are the land we live on, the air we breathe, the water we drink. These are irreplaceable natural ecosystems. They are the lifeblood of our region, supporting vast, interconnected ecosystems that are increasingly fragmented or lost entirely to the development and human activity.

Native prairie grassland and parkland are among the fastest disappearing wildlife habitats on the planet, and the rate of habitat loss is at an all-time high. This deprives wildlife of the essentials for survival and takes away the opportunity for people to enjoy all the natural beauty our province has to offer.

When you Steward an Acre in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, you protect land right here at home in the Bow River Valley. Your symbolic gift will preserve more than 3,200 acres of plants and animals, wetlands, riverbanks, and forests. These crucial habitats are hard at work reducing our risk of floods, cleaning our water, stopping erosion, and storing vast amounts of carbon to keep our communities healthy and resilient in the face of climate change.

Each Steward an Acre sponsorship costs $150 and will help care for an acre of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park for three years. One hundred percent of your contribution to Steward an Acre goes directly toward the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation’s vital work to protect the park and preserve its fragile ecosystem and contributes to ongoing conservation programming and education.

Your generosity has a direct impact on the Foundation’s ability to protect the park. The Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation relies solely on grants and donations and does not receive operational support from the Government of Alberta.

Steward an Acre makes an ideal gift for everyone who loves the outdoors – from walkers and cyclists to nature lovers and photographers. It is perfect for any occasion, or in memory of a loved one.

Through Steward an Acre, individuals, businesses, school groups, and other organizations can show their love for the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and keep it healthy and accessible for generations to come.

Your Steward an Acre gift pack contains:

  • An official stewardship certificate
  • Information about your acre
  • An “I love GRPF” sticker
  • Recognition on our website and sponsorship map
  • An official tax receipt – NOTE: these are sent separately and are emailed out on a monthly basis. 

Please note: We have left the Steward an Acre certificate blank for you to write the name of the person to whom you wish to dedicate an acre. As a non-profit organization, we endeavor to make the most of your donation.  So, we have printed our certificates blank and in bulk. This reduces our environmental footprint and saves considerable expense. Thank you for your support.

By stewarding an acre, you agree that this is a symbolic gesture and in no way means ownership of or access to this acre(s). You cannot go to your selected acre unless you can reach it on an open pathway.

Under the Provincial Parks Act, it is illegal to remove, deface, injure or destroy plants, fossils and rocks. Further, A person shall not construct, reconstruct, maintain or add to an improvement, structure, or work on, do anything that will or might alter or disturb the surface of, or store, cache, or otherwise leave any equipment, supplies, or other material on (provincial parklands). For more information, please visit