Bench - Rock Dedication Program

Adopt a Bench / Rock Program

Adopting a bench of rock at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a unique way to support our Foundation. When you join the Adopt-A-Bench/Rock program, GRPF installs a plaque engraved with a personalized inscription on the bench or rock you chose. Inscriptions can celebrate a life, share a moment, or promote a business.

The Bench/Rock Dedication Program through Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation supports educational programming, visitor services and conservation efforts of our Foundation.

The Cost

It costs $3,800 to sponsor a bench for a ten-year term. This cost includes the cost of the bench, plaque, installation and maintenance. A charitable tax receipt(s) is issued for $3500 of the cost.

It costs $3,500 to sponsor a sitting rock for a ten-year term, costs include the cost of a plaque and installation. A charitable tax receipt(s) is issued $3200 of the cost.

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