Badger Bowl

Quick Facts

More challenging uphill climb from east to west.

Trail Restrictions: None – pedestrians and cyclists permitted
Trail Composition: 1.4 km Granular
Average Walking Time (one way – no stopping): 20 minutes
Seasonality: Open year-round (note that ice may be present in fall through spring months)

Trail Profile: Click below for a detailed view


Highest Elevation: ~1205m
Lowest Elevation: ~1126m

Trail Details:

Though it can be seen from Tiger Lily Loop, Badger Bowl can only be accessed from Bowbend Trail. Eastern trail access is on the west side of the pond, just west of the Park Office (on Bowbend Trail). The trail terminates at Windmill Lookout (where McPherson Trail begins). Here, you may also choose to venture south along Bowl Link to meet up with and explore Bowbend Trail.

Walking Badger Bowl from the east, you will find plenty of opportunities to stop and take in increasingly breathtaking views of the Bow River Valley.

The contrast of the grassy south-facing slopes with the heavily treed north-facing slopes is an excellent example of the Park’s ecological diversity.

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