Narrow Trails

Quick Facts

Believe it or not, this grasslands park does have trees. The Narrows provides a cool stretch of relief from the summer heat and shelter from biting winter winds. A great location for birding.

Trail Restrictions: None – pedestrians and cyclists permitted
Trail Composition: 3.3 km Paved
Average Walking Time (one way – no stopping): 1 Hour

Seasonality: Open Year-Round (take note that ice may be present in fall through spring months). Pending seasonal flooding and ice build-up the trail may occasionally be closed at the east washroom over the winter months – please check our Trail Closures site for updates.

Trail Profile:


Highest Elevation:
 ~1109 m
Lowest Elevation: ~1092 m

Trail Details:

The narrows is a beautiful area of the Park. Here, the river and the valley wall squeeze together in The Narrows – the obvious source of the trail’s name.

The far east end of The Narrows was where the original Canadian Pacific Railway Glenbow Water Tower was located – this making sense of the name Glenbow: Glen meaning a narrow valley, and Bow the name of the valley’s river.

The Narrows is well-known as a good birding area – home to everything from Pileated Woodpeckers, Kingbirds, and a variety of songbirds.

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