Tiger Lily Loop

Quick Facts

Accessed just west of the parking lot or east of the Park Office, Tiger Lily Loop descends into a sheltered, wooded coulee. Don’t miss the incredible western views afforded from the viewpoint west of the trail’s north end.

Trail Restrictions: No Bikes Permitted. Pedestrian traffic only, please.
Trail Composition: 1.4 km Granular
Average Walking Time (one way – no stopping): 20 minutes
Seasonality: Open year-round (note that ice may be present in fall through spring months)

Trail Profile:

Highest Elevation: ~1202 m
Lowest Elevation: ~ 1127 m

Trail Details:

On a windy day, Tiger Lily Loop provides a great break from southern Alberta’s winds.

Nestled in the trees just to the southwest of the parking lot, the pathway draws you down into a wooded coulee, following along the route of a natural spring. At its western-most extent, a lovely view of Badger Bowl stretches to the west. At the trail junction just north of the pond, you may choose to climb the hill back up  to the Park Office, or venture further down into the valley to Bowbend Trail.

Please Note: The lovely orange lilies often see here in early spring are in fact Western Wood Lilies, not Tiger Lilies.

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