Yodel Loop

Quick Facts

A walk to the top of Yodel Lookout will provide you with a beautiful panorama of the Bow River valley.

Trail Restrictions: Pedestrians only on the southern part of the loop (the hill). Both pedestrians and cyclists permitted on the north part of the loop (the backside of Yodel hill).
Trail Composition: 2.1 km Gravel
Seasonality: Open year-round (take note that ice may be present in fall through spring months)

Trail Profile: 

Highest Elevation: ~1168 m
Lowest Elevation: ~1138 m

Trail Details:

One of the most popular ways for first-time visitors to get a feel for the layout of the park.

The south branch of Yodel Loop sits atop of some of the Park’s best quality fescue grasslands, and overlooks the historic Glenbow Store and Post Office, Brickyards, and Corrals. Two scenic outlooks on the hill provide wonderful interpretive signage that provides a general overview of the Park’s most easily accessed natural and historic resources.

The eastern-most end of the loop provides you with an opportunity to venture 0.4 km to the east and explore Scott Trail.

The north branch of Yodel Loop meanders briefly through the sheltered wooded backside of Yodel Hill, providing some respite from the summer sun and winter wind. The trail then breaks free of the trees, climbing gradually to meet up with Glenbow Trail, just south of the Park Office.

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